2014 Volkswagen Golf SE Bluemotion 1.6 TDI (or 5k cash)


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2014 Volkswagen Golf SE Bluemotion 1.6 TDI

102k Miles
Full service history
Full years mot
Timing belt and full service just completed
Brand new 19″ rs3 Alloy
Great for 1st Time driver with low Insurance
Winners choice is the car or £5000 cash alternative

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2014 Volkswagen Golf SE Bluemotion 1.6 TDI

102k Miles
Full service history
Full years mot
Timing belt and full service just completed
Brand new 19″ rs3 Alloy
Great for 1st Time driver with low Insurance
Winners choice is the car or £5000 cash alternative

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Lottery History

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User Ticket number Order Number
Michael Walls5198341
Shane McCullagh178340
Alex Marshall1028339
Alex Marshall2388339
Alex Marshall4028339
Alex Marshall5538339
Alex Marshall6978339
arlene mc garvey McGarvey778336
arlene mc garvey McGarvey4278336
Raymond McPeake2668335
Lauren Doherty2848334
Lauren Doherty2878334
Lauren Doherty5078334
Enda Mccoy278333
Jacqueline Boyle3448332
Jacqueline Boyle3638332
Jacqueline Boyle4588332
Neil mccausland1038331
Neil mccausland5488331
Neil mccausland5978331
Thomas Gunning3278330
Thomas Gunning3718330
Thomas Gunning6208330
Andrew Toogood4938329
Joan Cochrane808328
Damien O’Kane868327
Damien O’Kane3088327
Damien O’Kane3208327
Suzanne Reilly2758326
Lauren cochrane Cochrane3248325
Lauren cochrane Cochrane5168325
Kirsty Doherty3738324
Kirsty Doherty5688324
Kirsty Doherty6568324
Dave Reast68322
Dave Reast118322
Dave Reast358322
Dave Reast418322
Dave Reast568322
Dave Reast1148322
Dave Reast1408322
Dave Reast2088322
Dave Reast2428322
Dave Reast4658322
Dave Reast4748322
Dave Reast4818322
Dave Reast5518322
Dave Reast6078322
Dave Reast6178322
Dave Reast6358322
Dave Reast6838322
Dave Reast7458322
Martin Bradley2818321
Enda O kane4348320
Conor Mc nally6748319
Andrew Campbell2608318
Andrew Campbell2838318
Anthony Beaumont4388317
Anthony Beaumont4918317
Anthony Beaumont5238317
Anthony Beaumont5288317
Anthony Beaumont5398317
Anthony Beaumont5718317
Anthony Beaumont5748317
Anthony Beaumont5908317
Anthony Beaumont5938317
Anthony Beaumont6058317
Anthony Beaumont6118317
Anthony Beaumont6308317
Anthony Beaumont6368317
Anthony Beaumont6578317
Anthony Beaumont6888317
Anthony Beaumont7018317
Anthony Beaumont7028317
Anthony Beaumont7178317
Anthony Beaumont7248317
Anthony Beaumont7408317
Anthony Beaumont7418317
Anthony Beaumont7428317
Anthony Beaumont148317
Anthony Beaumont378317
Anthony Beaumont468317
Anthony Beaumont628317
Anthony Beaumont738317
Anthony Beaumont898317
Anthony Beaumont1048317
Anthony Beaumont1058317
Anthony Beaumont1168317
Anthony Beaumont1238317
Anthony Beaumont1258317
Anthony Beaumont1358317
Anthony Beaumont1608317
Anthony Beaumont1618317
Anthony Beaumont1998317
Anthony Beaumont2128317
Anthony Beaumont2318317
Anthony Beaumont2528317
Anthony Beaumont2618317
Anthony Beaumont2738317
Anthony Beaumont2748317
Anthony Beaumont2808317
Anthony Beaumont2828317
Anthony Beaumont2908317
Anthony Beaumont2918317
Anthony Beaumont3128317
Anthony Beaumont4208317
Anthony Beaumont4228317
Mark McGarvey1248316
Mark McGarvey3668316
Mark McGarvey3868316
Aaron Martin548315
Briege Kelly7398314
Jonathan Murray2978313
Jonathan Murray5558313
Keith Mccaughern5948312
Keith Mccaughern1068312
Keith Mccaughern4638312
Annette McGuigan1308311
Paddy Mcatamney5358310
Joanne Hampson3788309
Andrew Mccook6878308
Aisling McElwaine168307
Aisling McElwaine298307
Aisling McElwaine4178307
Aisling McElwaine7228307
Connor Cusack2378306
Elaine Duncan2258305
Sarah Crouchman3068304
David Nelson2308303
Mark Leitch558302
Mark Leitch3258302
Sean McCann5888301
David Gard5038300
Christopher Toal1328299
Christopher Toal3148299
Christopher Toal7338299
Eithne Munroe2158297
Niall O kane3218296
Niall O kane5188296
Aigars Prislovs3678295
Martin Brolly618294
Martin Brolly758294
Martin Brolly4238294
Luke McGurk818293
Luke McGurk1128293
Luke McGurk7508293
Shane Dunne4288292
Shane Dunne7358292
Claire Mctaggart1978291
Marian McKenna7298290
Michelle Gribbon4298289
Orla Brolly3758288
Barry Burke4328287
Barry Burke5228287
Pam O’Kane3628286
Sarah Crouchman1098285
Sarah Crouchman1228285
Sarah Crouchman1828285
Sarah Crouchman3478285
Simon Carey5348284
Simon Carey5378284
Simon Carey128284
Simon Carey798284
Natasha Mcaleese7238282
Donna Harper4958281
Colin Brannigan1468280
Avril Mcvitty4798279
Enda Mccoy6108278
Jason McGroary3768276
Simon Carey2218275
Simon Carey6488275
Susan Cassidy5448274
Gerard Doherty1908273
Harry Kelly5308272
Harry Kelly4728272
Olivia Baird678271
Grainne Kennedy4468270
Rachel McBride2168269
Briege McAlynn6558268
Andrew Patterson1848267
Jason Lewis2688266
Jason Lewis3158266
Jason Lewis6548266
Alexandru Tibuc boboc3228265
Scott Gray348264
Mark McElwaine3098263
Mark McElwaine3618263
Mark McElwaine6138263
Stephen Kelly6038262
carmel mcmahon2068261
Muireann Ryan3498260
Helen McCausland7148259
Aidan Dallat1518258
Marie McQuillan4928257
Luke McGurk1728256
Luke McGurk3318256
Luke McGurk7488256
Fergus Lynch308255
Fergus Lynch2558255
Mary Craig1218254
Mary Craig4968254
Mary Craig7078254
Orla Brolly6528253
Donna Collins2438252
Martina Henry5018250
arlene mc garvey McGarvey6898249
Jason Benton1508248
Anthony Graham4048247
Mary Craig5508246
Donna Mcguigan4488245
Emmett Donnelly3028244
Emmett Donnelly3838244
Michele Kelly4628243
Michele Kelly7368243
Jacqueline Boyle288242
Jacqueline Boyle3578242
Jacqueline Boyle7258242
Emma Mckernan3118226
Emma Mckernan5568226
Ruairi Gallagher1568225
Ruairi Gallagher5678225
stephen Higgins2038224
stephen Higgins2268224
Davy Moore4168223
Davy Moore5578223
James Mc Gaughey1118217
James Mc Gaughey7098217
Jude Murphy5788214
Jude Murphy7448214
Joe Brennan368213
Joe Brennan488213
Joe Brennan3558213
Joe Brennan5998213
Ciaran Hardy7068212
John Doherty6588207
Tina Simpson708203
Claire Kelly608200
Arlene Mcneill1708198
Ryan Mcgeehan1668192
Caitriona McNicholl5068189
Marian McKenna2188186
Cathair Henderson5828184
Rosie Wilson658180
Roisin Mckeegan988178
Margaret Mooney2358177
Monique Scullion2888175
Monique Scullion7318175
Ruth McMullan4698173
Claire Cochrane4898171
Ryan Maguire4258167
Stephen Reynolds6998166
Christopher McKernan4188165
Christopher McKernan6328165
Christopher McKernan7188165
Carol Mckernan718163
Carol Mckernan908163
Noelle Connolly2448157
Noelle Connolly6448157
Noelle Connolly6688157
Alisha O'Kane748156
Niamh O'neill5388145
Barney O'Hagan4868112
Matt Mcanally6718072
Orla Brolly6398063
Keith Hemphill4268061
Christopher McMullan448038
Christopher McMullan1858038
Christopher McMullan1928038
Christopher McMullan2328038
Christopher McMullan2998038
Christopher McMullan4218038
Christopher McMullan4828038
Shane Quinn6818036
Shane Quinn7218036
Patrick O'Kane858035
Patrick O'Kane998035
Christopher Toal588034
Christopher Toal1348034
Christopher Toal6148034
Dylan McErlane38025
Dylan McErlane2398025
Dylan McErlane4088025
Helena Mccamphill5738015
Conor Mc nally2098002
Sean Cochrane1427990
Sean Cochrane2467990
Sean Cochrane6167990
Mark Meadowlands877950
Mark Meadowlands6467950
Thomas Gunning967927
Thomas Gunning4667927
Thomas Gunning6097927
Mairead Oboyle197922
Mairead Oboyle977922
Mairead Oboyle1957922
Rayona Devlin1587920
Sean Cochrane1377919
Sean Cochrane2237919
Sean Cochrane3437919
Shauna McTague1387916
Briege Kelly687904
Aidan Dallat57903
Claire Cochrane227902
Daniel Doherty887901
Daniel Doherty6497901
Daniel Doherty6787901
Danielle Mooney3487900


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