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With room for up to 6 people, the spacious CleverSpa® Florence showcases a stunning grey rattan print, featuring 130 powerful air jets and 365FreezeGuard which can be used all-year round, even in the coldest of weathers! Like all CleverSpa® hot tubs, the CleverSpa® Florence is made from superior-strength Triple-S® fabric in a delightful grey rattan design. Stylish and luxurious, the CleverSpa® Florence has it all!

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With room for up to 6 people, the spacious CleverSpa® Florence showcases a stunning grey rattan print, featuring 130 powerful air jets and 365FreezeGuard which can be used all-year round, even in the coldest of weathers! Like all CleverSpa® hot tubs, the CleverSpa® Florence is made from superior-strength Triple-S® fabric in a delightful grey rattan design. Stylish and luxurious, the CleverSpa® Florence has it all!

Size 2.08M x 2.08M x 0.65M High
Air Jets 130
Heater Built-in design – 1800W
Pump Integrated
Temp Temp increase rate per hour 1.5-2°
Allow slightly longer during cold weather
Power Cable 5m length
Water Capacity 1000L
Air Massage Air Blower included
Heating 42°C Rapid Heating System
Usage All-year-round use with 365 FreezeGuard
Inflation time Less than 5 minutes
Material Outer walls made of Triple-S PVC fabric for extra durability and comfort
Top Cover Double locking safety clips
Design Exclusive Grey Rattan print

Features and Benefits:
• 130 relaxing air jets
• Built-in pump & heating system
• Up to 6 people
• 365 Freezegaurd- all-year-round use
• Inflates in less than 5 minutes

What’s in the box?
• Inflatable hot tub
• Insulated top cover with double locking safety clips
• Safety locking clip keys (x2)
• Filtration kit (filter & sock)
• Inflation hose
• Repair patch

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Eamonn Mc neill237232
Eamonn Mc neill897232
Eamonn Mc neill1207232
Eamonn Mc neill1417232
Eamonn Mc neill1597232
Eamonn Mc neill2067232
Eamonn Mc neill2717232
Caoimhe Mckay1247231
Orlaith Scullin1127230
Danielle' Kelly577229
Daryl MCDEVITT1357228
Emma Mc Ilhatton487225
Emma Mc Ilhatton537225
Emma Mc Ilhatton977225
Emma Mc Ilhatton1257225
Emma Mc Ilhatton1637225
Cora O Kane877226
Reece Mckendry457224
Reece Mckendry1137224
Reece Mckendry2647224
Sheree Dickson147223
Sheree Dickson347223
Sheree Dickson2637223
Ryan Mcgeehan97222
Ryan Mcgeehan2667222
Ryan Mcgeehan2727222
Pj Mc Guckian547220
Pj Mc Guckian2167220
Aine Murphy357221
Aine Murphy717221
Aine Murphy957221
Daniel Mcpeake1067219
Roisin Niblock847218
Roisin Niblock1897218
Roisin Niblock2507218
John Shaw397217
John Shaw1087217
John Shaw1387217
John Shaw2017217
Kate Leighton1997216
Elvira Oredein1807215
Naoishe Kane927214
Naoishe Kane1877214
Naoishe Kane2177214
Caroline Esler1917213
Lorraine Barkley1317211
Kerrie Darragh317210
Jackie Smyth967209
Christopher Donnelly1377208
Christopher Donnelly1687208
Christopher Donnelly1837208
Christopher Donnelly1977208
Christopher Donnelly2277208
Shirelle Mc Alister1147207
Ronan Mc Kinney407206
Chloe Odonnell207205
Mary McAuley1337204
Michelle Gribbon1537203
Lauren Mc Naughton2247202
Nicole Shaw2437201
Jacqueline Boyle37200
Jacqueline Boyle1037200
Jacqueline Boyle2487200
Mary Craig697199
Rachel McGall2357198
Jane Cassidy1507196
Jane Cassidy2187196
Jane Cassidy2687196
Kerri-Anne McNaughton2127195
Shea Turner227194
Shea Turner787194
Shea Turner817194
Shea Turner857194
Shea Turner1447194
Shea Turner1547194
Shea Turner1847194
Shea Turner1907194
Brendan Mc Closkey47193
Brendan Mc Closkey1677193
Brendan Mc Closkey1767193
Brendan Mc Closkey1787193
Brendan Mc Closkey1827193
Brendan Mc Closkey2387193
Brendan Mc Closkey2467193
Brendan Mc Closkey2617193
Wallace Smyth907192
Wallace Smyth1517192
paddy Doherty837191
paddy Doherty1187191
paddy Doherty1277191
paddy Doherty1797191
paddy Doherty2677191
paddy Doherty2707191
Nicole Shaw477190
katerina Walls107189
katerina Walls1667189
katerina Walls2627189
Niall Mcfall1017188
Niall Mcfall1167188
Niall Mcfall1217188
Niall Mcfall2137188
Niall Mcfall2257188
Niall Mcfall2337188
Declan Doherty587187
Declan Doherty607187
Declan Doherty687187
Declan Doherty987187
Declan Doherty1117187
Declan Doherty1327187
Declan Doherty1347187
Declan Doherty1477187
Declan Doherty1577187
Declan Doherty1747187
Declan Doherty2107187
Declan Doherty2327187
Declan Doherty2747187
Anthony Graham2267186
Lauren Mc Naughton507185
Cynthia Smyth1857184
Maire O Neill1177183
Maire O Neill2517183
Adele Dallat2477182
Gemma o kane1697181
Tracey O Donnell117180
Tracey O Donnell1737180
Tracey O Donnell2197180
Tracey O Donnell2567180
Tracey O Donnell2597180
Joan Cochrane307179
Joan Cochrane747179
Joan Cochrane1987179
Siobhan O mullan2237178
Karen McIlhatton167177
Karen McIlhatton337177
Karen McIlhatton597177
Karen McIlhatton1267177
Karen McIlhatton1407177
Karen McIlhatton1457177
Karen McIlhatton1887177
Mairead Oboyle247176
Mairead Oboyle297176
Mairead Oboyle327176
Mairead Oboyle427176
Mairead Oboyle617176
Mairead Oboyle767176
Mairead Oboyle1397176
Mairead Oboyle2057176
Mairead Oboyle2077176
Mairead Oboyle2457176
Venita Carey1227175
Venita Carey2317175
Margaret McGilligan1107174
Margaret McGilligan2737174
Margaret McGilligan2757174
Alison Robbin367169
Alison Robbin557169
Alison Robbin2097169
Hayley connolly1237167
Hayley connolly1927167
Hayley connolly2047167
Karen McIlhatton627166
Karen McIlhatton777166
Karen McIlhatton867166
Karen McIlhatton1297166
Karen McIlhatton2287166
Karen McIlhatton2397166
Lorraine Barkley1487165
Lorraine Barkley1557165
Lorraine Barkley2027165
Melanie Holmes2377164
Mary Mc auley137163
Mary Mc auley1607163
Mary Mc auley2367163
Helena Mccamphill2447162
Grainne Kennedy217161
Grainne Kennedy527161
Grainne Kennedy2697161
Danielle OHagan67160
Danielle OHagan1777160
Danielle OHagan1867160
Shauna McCloskey827159
Paul Martin McAlonan757158
Paul Martin McAlonan1007158
Paul Martin McAlonan1937158
Carl Mcclafferty467157
Carl Mcclafferty1157157
Carl Mcclafferty2157157
Sharlene Mcnally1367156
Karen McIlhatton157155
Karen McIlhatton997155
Karen McIlhatton1057155
Karen McIlhatton1287155
Karen McIlhatton2217155
Karen McIlhatton2537155
Leann Roberts2147154
Carmel Brady2547153
Clare Casey2227152
Clare Casey2347152
Brendan Kelly77150
Brendan Kelly797150
Brendan Kelly1657150
Mark Hamill2117148
Mark Hamill2527148
Mark Hamill417148
Mark Hamill1197148
Louise Crawford1077147
Louise Crawford1437147
Louise Crawford1957147
Katy Magee437146
Katy Magee567146
Katy Magee937146
Jacqueline Smyth667145
Monique Scullion1027144
Johnny Mcaleese127143
Johnny Mcaleese267143
Johnny Mcaleese277143
Johnny Mcaleese1567143
Johnny Mcaleese1707143
Patricia McAlonan1967142
Eoin O donnell447141
Eoin O donnell497141
Eoin O donnell2417141
Bronagh Graham1047140
Bronagh Graham2037140
Michelle Gribbon517139
Katrina Mitchell17138
Nicole Shaw1097137
Carla Loughlin187136
Carla Loughlin727136
Carla Loughlin2557136
Cindy BELL-TONER2587083
Siobhan McMullan2577082
Pamela O’Hagan197081
Pamela O’Hagan657081
Pamela O’Hagan1617081
Kevin Bradley27080
Kevin Bradley1587080
Kevin Bradley2497080
John Watt87079
John Watt737079
John Watt887079
John Watt1307079
John Watt2297079
John Watt2607079
Matt Mcanally707078
Lisa McCusker1947077
Caroline Esler917076
Caroline Esler1647076
Caoimhe Collins377075
Caoimhe Collins677075
Conor Mc nally2407074
Sean Cochrane637073
Sean Cochrane947073
Sean Cochrane1717073
AnneMarie Denvir2657071
Nuala Quinn177070
Nuala Quinn807070
Nuala Quinn1467070


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