End of April 1K Cash Bonus


Ticket Countdown

Get your April 1K Bonus!

£1000 (or Euro equivalent) in tax free cash.

Please be patient. We are picking winners!


Get your April 1K Bonus!

£1000 (or Euro equivalent) in tax free cash.

A maximum of 375 tickets allowed. Don’t miss out!

Entrants may enter the competition free, by sending the name and reference number of the competition and the Entrant’s answer/s to the question/s for that competition on a postcard to the competition address by first class post, along with the Entrant’s name, address, telephone number and email address. The postcard must not be enclosed in an envelope or other packaging. Any free entry will be included in any draw, but will not be counted in the Minimum Number of Entries. All rules which apply to paid-for entries also apply to free postal entries including, for example, the maximum number of entries per person and competition closing times. By submitting a free entry to the competition, you are entering into a contract with the Promoter and are agreeing to be bound by the website terms and conditions.

This competition is also open to all entrants internationally.

Entry List


First name Last name Ticket number
Emma McMullan FREE
stephen Higgins 2
Ryan Rocks 3
Keira Scullion 4
Roisin Higgins 5
Martin Conway 6
Kevin crawford 7
Anthony Graham 8
Mark Hamill 9
Niall Toal 10
Mark Buckley FREE
Chelsea Taylor 12
Briege Crawford 14
nuala maguire 15
Kevin crawford 16
Shea Turner 17
Michaela Okane 18
Jordan Cassidy 19
Una Mclaughlin 20
nuala maguire 22
John Doherty 23
Noeleen Oneill 24
Shea Turner 27
Mairead Mcwilliams 28
Donna Mccoy 29
Sean Cochrane 30
Patricia McAlonan 31
Briege Crawford 32
Dermott Bell 33
stephen Higgins 35
Mark Hamill 36
John Doherty 37
Alisha O’Kane 38
Maria Gormley 39
Dermott Bell 40
Claire Mctaggart 41
Declan Doherty 42
Megan O Kane 43
Sheldon Mcbride 44
Mark Hamill 46
Niall Toal 47
Declan O boyle 48
Colleen Clarke 49
Shea Turner 51
Pamela O’Hagan 52
Chelsea Taylor 53
Lorraine McMullan FREE
Chelsea Taylor 57
Sinead Boyle 58
Danielle Getty 60
Joanne Mcwilliams 61
Aaron Cassidy 62
Enda McAleese 63
Daniel Doherty 64
Aishling Hughes 65
Shea Turner 67
Mark Hamill 68
Kelly McKay 69
Sinead Boyle 70
Kevin crawford 71
Chelsea Taylor 72
Niall Toal 73
Eoin Mcgill 74
Jack Quinn 75
Michelle Parker 77
Kevin crawford 78
stephen Higgins 79
Daniel Henry 80
Michael Walls 83
Daniel Doherty 86
Aishling Hughes 88
stephen Higgins 91
Anthony Graham 92
stephen Higgins 94
Justin Davis 95
Ruairi Mcglade 96
Ronan McKinney 97
Nuala Gibson 98
Declan Doherty 100
Christopher McKernan 101
Mark Hamill 102
Pearce Kelly 104
Leona Mc Peake FREE
Mark Conlon 106
Justin Davis 107
Brendan Mc Closkey 108
Katerina Louise FREE
Declan Doherty 110
Francine Mcilveen 113
Chelsea Taylor 114
Sinead McCabe Soares 116
John Doherty 117
Niall Toal 118
Orlagh Mc neill 119
Anthony Graham 120
Harry Tohill 121
Sheldon Mcbride 122
John O kane 123
Margaret Mooney 124
Roisin Higgins 125
Sinead Boyle 126
Noeleen O Neill FREE ENTRY WINNER 129
Mark Hamill 130
Chelsea Taylor 131
Ryan Rocks 132
Francine Mcilveen 135
Chelsea Taylor 136
John Doherty 137
Christopher McKernan 138
Ruairi Mcglade 139
Declan Doherty 140
Jsck Mcksigue 141
Martin Conway 142
Megan O Kane 143
Mark Hamill 145
Daniel Henry 147
Mark Hamill 149
Ryan Mcgeehan 150
Leah McCaw 151
Jack Quinn 152
Brendan Mc Closkey 153
Roisin Higgins 154
John Doherty 155
Pearce Kelly 158
Leona Mckay 159
Sarah Woods 160
Donna Mccoy 161
Megan O Kane 163
Niall Toal 164
arlene mc
McGarvey 165
Kevin crawford 166
Chelsea Taylor 167
Kevin crawford 168
Leah McCaw 169
Chelsea Taylor 171
Mark Hamill 172
Sean Cochrane 174
Declan Doherty 175
Aaron Cassidy 176
Megan O Kane 177
John Doherty 179
tierna Lav 180
Christopher McKernan 181
Dermott Bell 182
Sheldon Mcbride 183
Claire Mctaggart 185
John Doherty 186
Mary Craig 187
Kathleen McKenna 189
Joe McAllister 190
Daniel Doherty 191
Shea Turner 192
Declan O boyle 195
Margaret Mooney 197
Niall Toal 198
Laura Hughes 200
Shea Turner 201
Niall Toal 202
Joanne Mcwilliams 203
Andrew Bell 205
John O kane 206
Mark Hamill 207
Shea Turner 208
Ryan Mcgeehan 210
Dermott Bell 211
Christopher McKernan 212
Dermott Bell 213
Enda McAleese 214
Harry Tohill 215
Shea Turner 216
Shea Turner 217
Angela Mckeever 218
Patrick O’Kane 219
Declan Doherty 220
Christopher McKernan 221
Justin Davis 223
Barry McAleese 224
Ryan Rocks 226
Ryan Mcgeehan 227
Chelsea Taylor 228
Mark Hamill 229
Orlagh Mc neill 230
Lisa Mcveigh 231
Danielle Getty 232
Louise ONEILL 233
Jenna Gordon 234
Mark Buckley 235
Anthony Graham 236
Mark Hamill 237
Roisin Higgins 238
Ruairi Mcglade 240
Dermott Bell 242
Caolan Loughlin 243
Pearce Kelly 244
Brendan Mc Closkey 245
Victoria Watson 246
Aaron Cassidy 247
Ryan Rocks 251
Megan O Kane 252
Mark Conlon 254
Mark Hamill 256
Ruairi Mcglade 257
Shaunamarie Mc Mullan 258
Maire O Neill 259
Leona Mckay 260
John Doherty 261
Adele Dallat 262
Matthew Smyth 264
Pam O’Kane 265
Briege Crawford 266
Jack Quinn 267
stephen Higgins 268
Declan Doherty 269
arlene mc
McGarvey 270
Declan Doherty 271
Niall Toal 272
Claire Mctaggart 273
John Doherty 274
Declan O boyle 276
Joe McAllister 278
Martin Conway 279
Shea Turner 282
Martin Conway 283
Briege Crawford 284
John Davey 285
Grainne Kennedy 286
Angela Mckeever 287
Lauren cochrane Cochrane 288
Roisin Higgins 289
Martin Conway 290
Dermott Bell 291
Pamela O’Hagan 292
Kelly McKay 293
Thomas McMullan 295
Sean Cochrane 296
Joe McAllister 297
Daniel Doherty 299
Maria Gormley 301
Pearce Kelly 302
John Davey 303
Shea Turner 305
Michael Walls 307
Mark Hamill 308
stephen Higgins 309
Sean Oneill 310
Megan O Kane 312
Harry Tohill 313
Shea Turner 314
Karen Ferris Bell 317
Michael Walls 318
Joanne Mcwilliams 319
Brendan Mc Closkey 320
Eamonn Laverty 321
Roisin Higgins 322
Roisin Higgins 323
Briege Crawford 324
Ronan McKinney 325
Dermott Bell 326
Chelsea Taylor 327
Dermott Bell 329
Shea Turner 330
Shea Turner 331
Gemma o kane 332
Maire O Neill 333
Niall Toal 334
Harry Tohill 335
stephen Higgins 339
Pamela O’Hagan 340
Declan Doherty 341
Shea Turner 342
stephen Higgins 344
Niall Toal 345
Declan Doherty 346
Ryan Rocks 347
Shea Turner 348
Declan Doherty 349
Martin Conway 351
Leona Mckay 354
Briege Crawford 355
Stephen McFerran 356
Claire Getty FREE ENTRY WINNER 357
Karen Ferris Bell 358
Elvira Oredein 359
Anthony Graham 364
Sarah Woods 365
Brendan Mc Closkey 366
Mark Buckley 367
Dermott Bell 368
Brendan Mc Closkey 370
Donna Mccoy 371
John Doherty 372
John O kane 373
Chelsea Taylor 374
stephen Higgins 375

Lottery History

Lottery has finished

User Ticket number Order Number
Jordan Cassidy196888
nuala maguire156887
nuala maguire226887
Briege Crawford146886
Briege Crawford326886
Briege Crawford2666886
Briege Crawford2846886
Briege Crawford3246886
Briege Crawford3556886
Michael Walls836885
Michael Walls3076885
Michael Walls3186885
Kevin crawford76884
Kevin crawford166884
Kevin crawford716884
Kevin crawford786884
Kevin crawford1666884
Kevin crawford1686884
Leona Mc Peake FREE ENTRY WINNER1056883
Emma McMullan FREE ENTRY WINNER16882
Sinead Boyle1266875
Sinead Boyle586875
Sinead Boyle706875
Lorraine McMullan FREE ENTRY WINNER556881
Lorraine McMullan FREE ENTRY WINNER2946881
Una Mclaughlin206880
Barry McAleese2246879
Chelsea Taylor126876
Chelsea Taylor536876
Chelsea Taylor576876
Chelsea Taylor726876
Chelsea Taylor1146876
Chelsea Taylor1316876
Chelsea Taylor1366876
Chelsea Taylor1676876
Chelsea Taylor1716876
Chelsea Taylor2286876
Chelsea Taylor3276876
Chelsea Taylor3746876
Katerina Louise FREE ENTRY WINNER1096878
Patricia McAlonan316877
Lauren O"Kane FREE ENTRY WINNER2816874
Ruairi Mcglade966873
Ruairi Mcglade1396873
Ruairi Mcglade2406873
Ruairi Mcglade2576873
Daniel Henry806872
Daniel Henry1476872
Sarah Woods1606871
Sarah Woods3656871
Enda McAleese636870
Enda McAleese2146870
Claire Getty FREE ENTRY WINNER3576869
Mark Buckley FREE ENTRY WINNER116868
Noeleen O Neill FREE ENTRY WINNER1296867
Shea Turner176866
Shea Turner516866
Shea Turner1926866
Shea Turner2166866
Shea Turner2176866
Shea Turner2826866
Shea Turner3056866
Shea Turner3306866
Shea Turner3426866
Shea Turner3486866
Harry Tohill3356865
Harry Tohill1216865
Harry Tohill2156865
Harry Tohill3136865
Brendan Mc Closkey1086864
Brendan Mc Closkey1536864
Brendan Mc Closkey2456864
Brendan Mc Closkey3206864
Brendan Mc Closkey3666864
Brendan Mc Closkey3706864
Martin Conway66863
Martin Conway1426863
Martin Conway2796863
Martin Conway2836863
Martin Conway2906863
Martin Conway3516863
John Doherty236862
John Doherty376862
John Doherty1176862
John Doherty1376862
John Doherty1556862
John Doherty1796862
John Doherty1866862
John Doherty2616862
John Doherty2746862
John Doherty3726862
Niall Toal106861
Niall Toal476861
Niall Toal736861
Niall Toal1186861
Niall Toal1646861
Niall Toal1986861
Niall Toal2026861
Niall Toal2726861
Niall Toal3346861
Niall Toal3456861
Elvira Oredein3596860
Roisin Higgins56859
Roisin Higgins1256859
Roisin Higgins1546859
Roisin Higgins2386859
Roisin Higgins2896859
Roisin Higgins3226859
Roisin Higgins3236859
stephen Higgins26858
stephen Higgins356858
stephen Higgins796858
stephen Higgins916858
stephen Higgins946858
stephen Higgins2686858
stephen Higgins3096858
stephen Higgins3396858
stephen Higgins3446858
stephen Higgins3756858
Christopher McKernan1016857
Christopher McKernan1386857
Christopher McKernan1816857
Christopher McKernan2126857
Christopher McKernan2216857
Sheldon Mcbride446856
Sheldon Mcbride1226856
Sheldon Mcbride1836856
Leona Mckay1596855
Leona Mckay2606855
Leona Mckay3546855
Ronan McKinney3256853
Ronan McKinney3256853
Ryan Rocks36852
Ryan Rocks1326852
Ryan Rocks2266852
Ryan Rocks2516852
Ryan Rocks3476852
Jenna Gordon2346851
Declan Doherty426850
Declan Doherty1006850
Declan Doherty1106850
Declan Doherty1406850
Declan Doherty1756850
Declan Doherty2206850
Declan Doherty2696850
Declan Doherty2716850
Declan Doherty3416850
Declan Doherty3466850
Declan Doherty3496850
Shea Turner276849
Shea Turner676849
Shea Turner2016849
Shea Turner2086849
Shea Turner3146849
Shea Turner3316849
Joe McAllister1906848
Joe McAllister2786848
Joe McAllister2976848
Pearce Kelly1586847
Pearce Kelly2446847
Pearce Kelly3026847
Lauren cochrane Cochrane2886846
Leah McCaw1516845
Leah McCaw1696845
tierna Lav1806844
Caolan Loughlin2436843
Jsck Mcksigue1416842
Sean Cochrane306841
Sean Cochrane1746841
Sean Cochrane2966841
John Davey2856839
John Davey3036839
Maire O Neill2596838
Maire O Neill3336838
Kathleen McKenna1896833
Thomas McMullan2956837
Patrick O’Kane2196836
Karen Ferris Bell3176835
Karen Ferris Bell3586835
Orlagh Mc neill1196834
Orlagh Mc neill2306834
Pearce Kelly1046832
arlene mc garvey McGarvey1656831
arlene mc garvey McGarvey2706831
Sean Oneill3106830
Shaunamarie Mc Mullan2586828
Kelly McKay2936827
Joanne Mcwilliams616826
Joanne Mcwilliams2036826
Joanne Mcwilliams3196826
Louise ONEILL2336825
Grainne Kennedy2866824
Dermott Bell336823
Dermott Bell406823
Dermott Bell1826823
Dermott Bell2116823
Dermott Bell2136823
Dermott Bell2426823
Dermott Bell2916823
Dermott Bell3266823
Dermott Bell3296823
Dermott Bell3686823
Mark Buckley2356822
Mark Buckley3676822
Aishling Hughes886821
Maria Gormley396820
Maria Gormley3016820
Gemma o kane3326819
Francine Mcilveen1136818
Declan O boyle486817
Declan O boyle1956817
Declan O boyle2766817
Justin Davis956816
Justin Davis1076816
Justin Davis2236816
Donna Mccoy296815
Donna Mccoy1616815
Donna Mccoy3716815
Anthony Graham86814
Anthony Graham926814
Anthony Graham1206814
Anthony Graham2366814
Anthony Graham3646814
Jack Quinn756813
Jack Quinn1526813
Jack Quinn2676813
Margaret Mooney1246812
Margaret Mooney1246812
Margaret Mooney1976812
Margaret Mooney1976812
Mary Craig1876811
Andrew Bell2056810
Angela Mckeever2186809
Angela Mckeever2876809
Laura Hughes2006807
Ronan McKinney976806
Daniel Doherty646805
Daniel Doherty866805
Daniel Doherty1916805
Daniel Doherty2996805
Victoria Watson2466804
Megan O Kane436803
Megan O Kane1776803
Megan O Kane2526803
Claire Mctaggart416802
Claire Mctaggart1856802
Claire Mctaggart2736802
Mark Hamill1456801
Mark Hamill1456801
Mark Hamill2296801
Mark Hamill2296801
Mark Hamill2376801
Mark Hamill2376801
Mark Hamill2566801
Mark Hamill2566801
Aaron Cassidy626800
Aaron Cassidy1766800
Aaron Cassidy2476800
Mark Hamill96799
Mark Hamill366799
Mark Hamill466799
Mark Hamill686799
Mark Hamill1026799
Mark Hamill1306799
Mark Hamill1496799
Mark Hamill1726799
Mark Hamill2076799
Mark Hamill3086799
Mark Conlon1066798
Mark Conlon2546798
Michaela Okane186797
Noeleen Oneill246796
Nuala Gibson986795
Eamonn Laverty3216794
Pamela O’Hagan526793
Pamela O’Hagan2926793
Pamela O’Hagan3406793
Megan O Kane1436791
Megan O Kane1636791
Megan O Kane3126791
Mairead Mcwilliams286790
Stephen McFerran3566789
Pam O’Kane2656788
Ryan Mcgeehan1506787
Ryan Mcgeehan2106787
Ryan Mcgeehan2276787
Lisa Mcveigh2316786
Aishling Hughes656785
Aishling Hughes656785
Colleen Clarke496784
Francine Mcilveen1356783
Sinead McCabe Soares1166782
Alisha O'Kane386781
Michelle Parker776780
Kelly McKay696779
Danielle Getty606778
Danielle Getty2326778
John O kane1236777
John O kane2066777
John O kane3736777
Keira Scullion46776
Eoin Mcgill746775
Adele Dallat2626774
Matthew Smyth2646773


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