Let’s Go Hydro Water Park Fun Day and 2 Night Family Staycation


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Let’s Go Hydro 2 night family staycation staying in the Forest Dome for 2 adults and 2 children going from the 22nd of August to the 24th. Let’s go hydro day pass for the 23rd with access all areas from 10am to 8pm with £250 spending money.

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Let’s Go Hydro 2 night family staycation staying in the Forest Dome for 2 adults and 2 children going from the 22nd of August to the 24th. Let’s go hydro day pass for the 23rd with access all areas from 10am to 8pm with £250 spending money.

Stand out from the crowd with our stunning, ultra-modern Forest Domes. Live your best life in spacious domes that offer a dramatic and scenic backdrop of our forest and reservoir. Located in Happy Valley and sleeping up to four people, our stylish self-catering accommodation promises class and style and delivers it. Sleep soundly in a luxurious king-sized bed or the double sofa bed, guaranteed to leave you feeling re-energised.

Freshen up in our ensuite with a shower, perfect after a fun-filled day of activities. Each Forest Dome is unique; you can choose between beautiful views of the green reservoir wall or somewhere a little more secluded. And you can pack lightly for your trip; we’ve got all of your essentials included for your convenience, including bedding and towels. You’ve had a long day of adventures, so why not relax with our inside fire stove, put your feet up and watch your latest TV show on your television?

We know you’ll want to fuel your fun, too. That’s why your kitchen is jam-packed with all the crucial things for anything from a quick sandwich to a full, delicious, home-cooked meal. You’ll find a microwave, hob, fridge, kettle, toaster, cutlery, crockery, glassware and all the cooking utensils you need to make a mouth-watering dish.

Our Forest Domes also have a decking area with a two-seat hot tub on a private decking area, ideal for stargazing and relaxation.

Fancy a nibble while you’re out there? Try toasting marshmallows on your fire pit for a treat that will tantalise your taste buds.


  • Located in the forest
  • Forest or lake views


  • Sleeps up to 4
  • Double bed, plus a sofa bed for two persons
  • Ensuite with shower
  • Patio furniture provided
  • Kitchen with hob and fridge
  • Inside and outside dining areas
  • Hot tub on the private decking area
  • Communal decking area / BBQ
  • Campfire
– Wetsuit
– Buoyancy Aid
– Aqua Park sessions
– Kayaking
– Paddle Boarding
– Swimming pool with Inflatable Slide
– Kneeboarding
– Beach Arena
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Charmaine traynor1537813
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Mairead Mullan1197812
Clinton Hennessy1227810
Clinton Hennessy1687810
Gray McKay3287807
Leona McPeake2627806
Amy McMullan2657805
Trina Wardlow3207804
Emma McIhatton3857803
Adele McIvor1367802
Petrian Cunninghan4317801
Claire Cochrane2397800
Cailin O'Cleirigh347799
Mary McTague1767798
Kelly McCoy1667797
Leona McKay3887796
Jude Murphy4947795
Jude Murphy1177795
Jude Murphy3347795
Jude Murphy3617795
Jude Murphy4357795
paddy Mc tague67794
Roisin O'Neill2067793
Mark Hamill1327792
Mark Hamill1757792
Mark Hamill3157792
Mark Hamill3277792
Mark Hamill3787792
Mark Hamill3977792
Mark Hamill4487792
Mark Hamill4597792
Mark Hamill4807792
Mark Hamill4877792
Brendan Mc Closkey137790
Brendan Mc Closkey147790
Brendan Mc Closkey207790
Brendan Mc Closkey2007790
Brendan Mc Closkey2047790
Brendan Mc Closkey2467790
Brendan Mc Closkey2807790
Brendan Mc Closkey2897790
Brendan Mc Closkey2957790
Brendan Mc Closkey3637790
Aidan Casey937789
Aidan Casey4797789
stephen Higgins1247788
stephen Higgins1317788
stephen Higgins1447788
stephen Higgins1517788
stephen Higgins1777788
stephen Higgins2117788
stephen Higgins2347788
stephen Higgins3507788
stephen Higgins4037788
stephen Higgins4057788
Shea Turner57787
Shea Turner387787
Shea Turner887787
Shea Turner1057787
Shea Turner1077787
Shea Turner1597787
Shea Turner1947787
Shea Turner2647787
Shea Turner2907787
Shea Turner3527787
James Mc Gaughey117786
James Mc Gaughey327786
James Mc Gaughey677786
James Mc Gaughey807786
James Mc Gaughey1297786
James Mc Gaughey2267786
James Mc Gaughey2797786
James Mc Gaughey3057786
James Mc Gaughey3427786
James Mc Gaughey4777786
John Doherty127785
John Doherty1387785
John Doherty1997785
John Doherty2637785
John Doherty2667785
John Doherty3317785
John Doherty3917785
John Doherty3927785
John Doherty4247785
John Doherty4977785
Niall Toal857784
Niall Toal957784
Niall Toal997784
Niall Toal1117784
Niall Toal1307784
Niall Toal2077784
Niall Toal2367784
Niall Toal2437784
Niall Toal2617784
Niall Toal2687784
Niall Toal3267784
Niall Toal3357784
Niall Toal3987784
Niall Toal4267784
Shauna Butler4587782
Maire O Neill2097781
Maire O Neill3947781
Mairead McFerran637780
Declan Doherty77779
Declan Doherty517779
Declan Doherty797779
Declan Doherty977779
Declan Doherty2517779
Declan Doherty4107779
Declan Doherty4307779
Declan Doherty4827779
Aoibhe McAlister1467778
Aoibhe McAlister4177778
Aoibhe McAlister4457778
Shaun Costello587777
Shaun Costello1017777
Shaun Costello4637777
Sean Cochrane1657776
Sean Cochrane2277776
Sean Cochrane3387776
Sean graveson467775
Sean graveson757775
Sean graveson1577775
Sean graveson2597775
Simone Braiden247774
Simone Braiden257774
Simone Braiden3597774
Kayleigh Jackson1207773
Kayleigh Jackson1277773
Kayleigh Jackson1617773
Kayleigh Jackson4407773
Jennifer Haughian3687772
Pat Murphy3487771
Pat Murphy3537771
Pat Murphy3907771
Pat Murphy4917771
Pat Murphy1167771
Pat Murphy1427771
Pat Murphy1547771
Pat Murphy2817771
Aine Murphy297770
Aine Murphy1937770
Aine Murphy2137770
Aine Murphy3867770
Aine Murphy4347770
Aine Murphy4387770
Katrina Wardlow667769
arlene mc garvey McGarvey407768
arlene mc garvey McGarvey3327768
arlene mc garvey McGarvey4437768
arlene mc garvey McGarvey4897768
Mary McTague3367767
Mary McTague4327767
Melissa Gamble2457766
Carol Mckernan2527765
Janice Bamford1067764
Janice Bamford4697764
Roisin Quinn987763
Samantha Corr2997762
Samantha Corr4857762
Samantha Corr4957762
Margaret Mooney4137761
Laura Coey2747760
Katy McKinley1917759
Katy McKinley3147759
Helena Mccamphill1347758
Caroline Mcilhatton1157757
Nicole Shaw3847756
Charmaine traynor177754
Charmaine traynor1107754
Charmaine traynor3247754
Mark Meadowlands877753
Mark Meadowlands1377753
Mark Meadowlands1507753
Mark Meadowlands4467753
Marlyn Kenna2147752
Deborah Donnelly3257751
Kevin Coleman4497750
Kevin Coleman4967750
Patricia McBride1797749
Patricia McBride4227749
Patricia McBride4687749
Fiona Loughlin4617748
Maura Woodhouse2327747
Patricia McAlonan2607746
Donna Collins4987745
Sean graveson3997744
Sean graveson4207744
Sean graveson4297744
Sean graveson687744
Nuala Gibson2567743
Nuala Gibson4607743
stephen Magill1787742
stephen Magill4257742
Killian moore Moore2287741
Killian moore Moore3837741
Michelle Hennessy2377740
Chantelle Loughlin3197739
Chantelle Crowe1417738
Michaella Devine567735
Marguerite Mckenna97734
Marguerite Mckenna377734
Marguerite Mckenna1627734
Marguerite Mckenna2167734
Marguerite Mckenna3237734
Michele Kelly47733
Michele Kelly1477733
Michele Kelly1487733
Daniel Doherty187732
Daniel Doherty1437732
Daniel Doherty3027732
Daniel Doherty3577732
Arlene Mcneill3137731
Shaunamarie Mc Mullan3087730
Shaunamarie Mc Mullan3377730
Samantha Corr307729
Samantha Corr1677729
Samantha Corr2867729


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