Lough Erne Bed and Breakfast Golf Holiday for 4


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Surround yourself in luxury at the Lough Erne resort in Fermanagh. This competition offers an overnight stay on the 24th September for 1 night.  Included in the package is dinner in the evening and breakfast the following morning. Also, a round of golf for 4 people on the stunning Faldo Course.

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Surround yourself in luxury at the Lough Erne resort in Fermanagh.

This competition offers an overnight stay on the 24th September for 1 night.  Included in the package is dinner in the evening and breakfast the following morning.

Also, a round of golf for 4 people on the stunning Faldo Course.

The Faldo course was designed by 6 time major winner, Sir Nick Faldo, a top 100 course (UK & Ireland), measuring 7,071 yards Par 72, offering stunning views of Castle Hume Lough & Lough Erne, with superb all year round playing conditions.

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Mark Hamill567897
Mark Hamill1457897
Mark Hamill1677897
Mark Hamill4707897
stephen Higgins667896
stephen Higgins807896
stephen Higgins1057896
stephen Higgins1067896
stephen Higgins2537896
stephen Higgins2867896
stephen Higgins3097896
stephen Higgins4067896
stephen Higgins4347896
stephen Higgins4577896
Christopher Maguire3617895
Christopher Maguire4227895
Christopher Maguire4237895
Joe McAllister1997894
paddy Darragh847893
Clare McAleese1267892
Nuala Gibson2767891
Claire Cochrane477890
Fudgie Kelly177889
Gareth Hamilton4447888
Amy McMullan307887
Claire McTaggart3047886
Hannah Mayberry887885
Shane Ferris1697884
Caroline McIhatton1807883
Caroline McIhatton2837883
Caroline McIhatton3837883
Caroline McIhatton4757883
Caroline McIhatton4827883
Cailin O'Cleirigh37882
Cailin O'Cleirigh857882
Cailin O'Cleirigh2397882
Cailin O'Cleirigh2657882
Cailin O'Cleirigh3057882
Mark McCormick267881
Mark McCormick287881
Mark McCormick507881
Mark McCormick697881
Mark McCormick787881
Mark McCormick2857881
Mark McCormick3157881
Mark McCormick3467881
Mark McCormick3497881
Mark McCormick3917881
Mark McCormick4427881
Mark McCormick4887881
Brian Lagan57880
Brian Lagan2027880
Brian Lagan2237880
Brian Lagan2317880
Brian Lagan2377880
Brian Lagan2507880
Brian Lagan2847880
Brian Lagan3537880
Brian Lagan3747880
Brian Lagan4817880
Brian Lagan4847880
Brian Lagan4877880
Shea Turner297879
Shea Turner1877879
Shea Turner2357879
Shea Turner2457879
Shea Turner2747879
Shea Turner3227879
Shea Turner3267879
Shea Turner3567879
Shea Turner3927879
Shea Turner4547879
Shea Turner4567879
Shea Turner4597879
Simon Carey1277878
Simon Carey2597878
Simon Carey4527878
Simon Carey127878
John Doherty607877
John Doherty1657877
John Doherty3517877
John Doherty3827877
John Doherty3847877
Wallace Smyth1227876
Wallace Smyth1527876
Simone Braiden4397875
Barney O'Hagan1797874
Barney O'Hagan3707874
Dymphna Okane4217873
Matt McAnally447872
Matt McAnally727872
Matt McAnally1347872
Matt McAnally2707872
Matt McAnally2717872
Eamonn Mc neill407871
Eamonn Mc neill497871
Eamonn Mc neill1047871
Eamonn Mc neill1217871
Eamonn Mc neill1667871
Eamonn Mc neill2267871
Eamonn Mc neill2617871
Eamonn Mc neill2977871
Eamonn Mc neill3027871
Eamonn Mc neill3077871
Eamonn Mc neill4147871
Vinny Scullion1777870
Vinny Scullion3477870
Vinny Scullion3817870
Vinny Scullion3947870
Vinny Scullion4287870
Vinny Scullion4677870
Barney Mc Closkey637869
Barney Mc Closkey1017869
Barney Mc Closkey1407869
Barney Mc Closkey1747869
Barney Mc Closkey1817869
Barney Mc Closkey1947869
Barney Mc Closkey3117869
Barney Mc Closkey3377869
Barney Mc Closkey4037869
Barney Mc Closkey4127869
Barney Mc Closkey4487869
Barney Mc Closkey4507869
Declan Doherty367868
Declan Doherty377868
Declan Doherty977868
Declan Doherty1097868
Declan Doherty3197868
Declan Doherty3447868
Declan Doherty3787868
Declan Doherty4587868
Declan Doherty4907868
Conor Hasson47867
Conor Hasson107867
Conor Hasson427867
Conor Hasson907867
Conor Hasson1297867
Conor Hasson1337867
Conor Hasson1737867
Conor Hasson1927867
Conor Hasson1957867
Conor Hasson2477867
Conor Hasson3647867
Conor Hasson4967867
Donna Martin2877866
Joan Cochrane547865
Joan Cochrane1617865
Joan Cochrane4087865
Aaron Martin957864
Sophie Smyth1467863
Sophie Smyth1477863
Sophie Smyth2737863
Karen Rock657861
Karen Rock4137861
Karen Rock4357861
Caroline Esler4117860
Harry Kelly747859
Harry Kelly1827859
Harry Kelly3657859
Patricia McAlonan3547858
Cathal Shaw3147857
Cathal Shaw3577857
Cathal Shaw4337857
Donna Collins777856
Ange Mckeever1857855
Ange Mckeever2067855
Ange Mckeever2127855
Orla Brolly537854
Orla Brolly3287854
Orla Brolly3397854
Conor Mc nally4777853
Sean graveson2757852
Sean graveson3177852
Sean graveson4807852
Sean graveson4897852
Raymond McPeake4277851
Raymond McPeake2017851
Anthony Graham187850
Anthony Graham1427850
Anthony Graham2637850
Adele Dallat4837849
Ryan Mcgeehan527848
Ryan Mcgeehan837848
Ryan Mcgeehan1167848
Mary mcQuillan1557847
Mary mcQuillan3907847
Joe McAllister1177846
Joe McAllister2037846
Joe McAllister2107846
Joe McAllister3207846
Joe McAllister3737846
Joe McAllister4027846
Briege McGhee2517845
Briege McGhee2697845
Briege McGhee3427845
Aaron Barton217844
Aaron Barton1147844
Aaron Barton3417844
Aaron Barton4637844
Pam O’Kane2607843
Orrie Mc peake2437842
Orrie Mc peake3607842
Claire McCann627841
Christopher McKernan337840
Christopher McKernan467840
Christopher McKernan2307840
Christopher McKernan2937840
Christopher McKernan4107840
Christopher McKernan4267840
Shaunamarie Mc Mullan3857839
Brenda Darragh757838
Brenda Darragh2097838
Brenda Darragh2887838
Andrew Mccook1117837
Andrew Mccook2667837
Andrew Mccook2817837
Keira Scullion247836
Grainne Kennedy317835
Grainne Kennedy3807835
Grainne Kennedy4377835
Carleen Mcgrath1397834
Lucy Scullion4157833
Andrew Porter3257832
Andrew Porter4097832
Mark Meadowlands1287831
Mark Meadowlands1567831
Mark Meadowlands2147831
Mark Meadowlands2427831
Mark Meadowlands4947831
Mary Craig2797830
Mary Craig4247830
Joanne O Kane3557829
Clare Bourne4917828
james mc court4557827
Simon Carey87826
Simon Carey1247826
Simon Carey1377826
Simon Carey2077826
Simon Carey2497826
Simon Carey2577826
Simon Carey2677826
Simon Carey4187826
Simon Carey4647826
Simon Carey4997826
Michaela Okane3797825
Barry Kennedy3677824
Barry Kennedy4327824
Sean Cochrane1517823
Sean Cochrane2417823
Sean Cochrane3217823
Sean Cochrane3757823
Sean Cochrane4667823
Sean Cochrane1087823
Nicole Shaw1627822
Enda Loftus397821
Ryan McCloskey987819
Ryan McCloskey1447819
Ryan McCloskey1597819
Ciara McNabb877818
Ciara McNabb2257818
Shauna Kelly257817
tierna Lav967816
Emma Kernohan1157815
Christopher Brogan1867814
Christopher Brogan2947814
Christopher Brogan3327814
Christopher Brogan3637814
Christopher Brogan3877814
Christopher Brogan4197814
Nuala Gibson2917743
Nuala Gibson3297743
Colleen Kearney2167737
Colleen Kearney457737
Colleen Kearney2137737
Connlaodh Mc Auley1367736
Connlaodh Mc Auley1837736
Connlaodh Mc Auley1887736
Connlaodh Mc Auley3777736
Connlaodh Mc Auley4017736
Connlaodh Mc Auley4737736
Daniel Doherty2197732
Daniel Doherty2447732
Daniel Doherty3017732
Daniel Doherty4367732


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