May Getaway At Galgorm Spa


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Escape from the routine of everyday life and take time out for some pampering with a 1 Night Spa Escape.
The Spa at Galgorm offers the ultimate in relaxation and wellness and each guest will experience a 60 minute treatment selected from our Spa Treatment Menu plus a Celtic Sauna Infusion, a traditional Aufghuss ceremony exclusive to The Thermal Village.
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Escape from the routine of everyday life and take time out for some pampering with a 1 Night Spa Escape.
The Spa at Galgorm offers the ultimate in relaxation and wellness and each guest will experience a 60 minute treatment selected from our Spa Treatment Menu plus a Celtic Sauna Infusion, a traditional Aufghuss ceremony exclusive to The Thermal Village.
Succumb to the tranquillity of the Thermal Spa Village where you can enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor spa facilities designed to offer a truly authentic Irish spa experience. Access to the Thermal Spa Village is available from check-in until check-out.
Guests will enjoy an overnight stay complete with complimentary mini bar and everything you need to ensure a relaxing stay. Savour a sumptuous three course evening meal in Gillies Grill or upgrade to a 5 course Tasting Menu in their award winning River Room Restaurant*.
*** This stay is booked for Sunday the 23rd of May and is a 1 night stay.
Entrants may enter the competition free, by sending the name and reference number of the competition and the Entrant’s answer/s to the question/s for that competition on a postcard to the competition address by first class post, along with the Entrant’s name, address, telephone number and email address. The postcard must not be enclosed in an envelope or other packaging. Any free entry will be included in any draw, but will not be counted in the Minimum Number of Entries. All rules which apply to paid-for entries also apply to free postal entries including, for example, the maximum number of entries per person and competition closing times. By submitting a free entry to the competition, you are entering into a contract with the Promoter and are agreeing to be bound by the website terms and conditions.
First name Last name Ticket number
Danielle OHagan 1
David Deighan 2
Brádaigh McCloskey 3
Meghann Convery 4
Clodagh McGuigan 5
Emma McMullan 6
Amy McMullan FREE
Lisa Quigg 8
Danielle OHagan 11
Aliesha McLean 15
Daniel Doherty 18
Vincent Scullion 19
paddy Devenney FREE
Martin Conway 23
Declan Doherty 24
James Mc Gaughey 25
stephen Higgins 26
Brádaigh McCloskey 28
Vincent Scullion 30
Declan Doherty 31
Martin Henry 33
Cathaír Henderson 34
Roisin Higgins 35
Ailise Mckay 37
Martin Conway 38
Danielle OHagan 39
Emma Kernohan 40
Patricia Farren 42
stephen Higgins 43
Dominic mctague 44
Maire O Neill 45
Keira Scullion 47
Siobhan McGaughey 49
Marty O neill 50
Clodagh McGuigan 51
Clare McGuckian 52
Brádaigh McCloskey 54
Danielle OHagan 55
Declan Doherty 56
Donna Collins FREE ENTRY WINNER 58
Jason Wylie 60
stephen Higgins 61
Thomas McMullan 66
Brádaigh McCloskey 68
Helena Mccamphill 70
Mark Hamill 72
stephen Higgins 73
Daniel Doherty 74
Marty O neill 75
Clare McGuckian 76
stephen Higgins 77
Clodagh McGuigan 81
Vincent Scullion 82
Margaret Doherty 84
Keira Scullion FREE ENTRY WINNER 85
Meghann Convery 86
Mark Hamill 89
James Mc Gaughey 90
Declan Doherty 91
Bronagh Brennan 92
James Mc Gaughey 93
Harry Tohill 94
Roisin Higgins 95
Majella Cassidy FREE
Declan Doherty 97
Cathaír Henderson 99
David Deighan FREE ENTRY WINNER 101
Emma McMullan 102
Katherine Mcfall 103
Daniel Doherty 104
Bronagh Brennan 105
Conor McKeever 107
stephen Higgins 108
Meghann Convery 109
Cathal Mawhinney 111
Dominic mctague 112
Roisin Higgins 114
James Mc Gaughey 116
Harry Tohill 117
Declan Doherty 118
Paddy Martin 120
Gerard Doherty 123
Brendan Mc Closkey 126
Pamela O’Hagan 127
stephen Higgins 128
Caoimhe McGuckin FREE
Martin Conway 131
stephen Higgins 132
Danielle OHagan 133
Conor McKeever 134
Brendan Mc Closkey 138
Pamela O’Hagan 139
Ryan Mullan 140
brenda McGlone 141
stephen Higgins 142
David Deighan 143
Conor McKeever 144
Maire O Neill 146
Meghann Convery 147
David Deighan 148
Cathaír Henderson 149
Marty O neill 150
Brádaigh McCloskey 151
Clodagh McGuigan 153
Clodagh McGuigan 154
Cathal Mawhinney 155
Marty O neill 156
James Mc Gaughey 157
Nuala Gibson 158
Pamela O’Hagan 159
Vincent Scullion 160
Caroline Mc Ilhatton FREE ENTRY WINNER 161
Ailise Mckay 163
Jenna Gordon 166
Bronagh Brennan 169
Vincent Scullion 170
Roisin Higgins 172
David Deighan 173
James Mc Gaughey 175
Ailise Mckay 177
Gemma McErlane 178
Declan Doherty 179
Bronagh Brennan 180
James Mc Gaughey 181
Clodagh McGuigan 182
Margaret Mooney 185
Lisa Scullion 187
Vincent Scullion 189
Brenna Hamill 190
stephen Higgins 192
Danielle OHagan 194
Maggie Mooney FREE
Bronagh Brennan 202
Lisa Quigg 203
Katherine Mcfall 204
Meghann Convery 208
Eamonn Laverty 211
Claire McTaggart FREE
Dominic mctague 213
Brendan Mc Closkey 215
David Deighan 216
Gemma McErlane 217
Declan Doherty 218
Harry Tohill 220
stephen Higgins 222
David Deighan 223
Lynda Keown 224
Tara Kane 225

Lottery History

Lottery has finished

User Ticket number Order Number
Aliesha McLean156602
Aliesha McLean156602
Cathal Mawhinney1116601
Cathal Mawhinney1556601
Lisa Scullion1876600
Keira Scullion476599
Emma McMullan66597
Emma McMullan1026597
Danielle OHagan16596
Danielle OHagan16596
Danielle OHagan116596
Danielle OHagan116596
Danielle OHagan396596
Danielle OHagan396596
Danielle OHagan6596
Danielle OHagan556596
Danielle OHagan6596
Danielle OHagan1336596
Danielle OHagan1946596
Danielle OHagan6596
Declan Doherty246594
Declan Doherty316594
Declan Doherty566594
Declan Doherty916594
Declan Doherty976594
Declan Doherty1186594
Declan Doherty1796594
Declan Doherty2186594
Ryan Mullan1406592
Mark Hamill726591
Mark Hamill896591
Brendan Mc Closkey1386590
Brendan Mc Closkey2156590
Brendan Mc Closkey1266590
Bronagh Brennan926589
Bronagh Brennan1056589
Bronagh Brennan1696589
Bronagh Brennan1806589
Bronagh Brennan2026589
Claire McTaggart FREE ENTRY WINNER2126588
Caroline Mc Ilhatton FREE ENTRY WINNER1616587
paddy Devenney FREE ENTRY WINNER226585
Majella Cassidy FREE ENTRY WINNER966584
Donna Collins FREE ENTRY WINNER586583
Keira Scullion FREE ENTRY WINNER856582
Caoimhe McGuckin FREE ENTRY WINNER1296581
Maggie Mooney FREE ENTRY WINNER1986580
David Deighan FREE ENTRY WINNER1016579
brenda McGlone1416578
Helena Mccamphill706577
Siobhan McGaughey496576
Vincent Scullion196575
Vincent Scullion306575
Vincent Scullion826575
Vincent Scullion1606575
Vincent Scullion1706575
Vincent Scullion1896575
Ailise Mckay376573
Ailise Mckay1636573
Ailise Mckay1776573
Harry Tohill946572
Harry Tohill1176572
Harry Tohill2206572
James Mc Gaughey256571
James Mc Gaughey906571
James Mc Gaughey936571
James Mc Gaughey1166571
James Mc Gaughey1576571
James Mc Gaughey1756571
James Mc Gaughey1816571
Martin Conway236570
Martin Conway386570
Martin Conway1316570
David Deighan26569
David Deighan1436569
David Deighan1486569
David Deighan1736569
David Deighan2166569
David Deighan2236569
stephen Higgins266568
stephen Higgins436568
stephen Higgins616568
stephen Higgins736568
stephen Higgins776568
stephen Higgins1086568
stephen Higgins1286568
stephen Higgins1326568
stephen Higgins1426568
stephen Higgins1926568
stephen Higgins2226568
Maire O Neill456567
Maire O Neill1466567
Brádaigh McCloskey36566
Brádaigh McCloskey286566
Brádaigh McCloskey686566
Marty O neill506565
Marty O neill756565
Marty O neill1506565
Marty O neill1566565
Clodagh McGuigan56564
Clodagh McGuigan516564
Clodagh McGuigan816564
Clodagh McGuigan1536563
Clodagh McGuigan1546563
Clodagh McGuigan1826563
Margaret Mooney1856562
Dominic mctague446561
Dominic mctague1126561
Dominic mctague2136561
Roisin Higgins356560
Roisin Higgins956560
Roisin Higgins1146560
Roisin Higgins1726560
Clare McGuckian526559
Lynda Keown2246558
Martin Henry336557
Patricia Farren426551
Katherine Mcfall1036550
Katherine Mcfall2046550
Conor McKeever1076549
Conor McKeever1346549
Conor McKeever1446549
Clare McGuckian766548
Daniel Doherty186547
Daniel Doherty746547
Daniel Doherty1046547
Lisa Quigg86546
Lisa Quigg2036546
Cathaír Henderson346545
Cathaír Henderson996545
Cathaír Henderson1496545
Jenna Gordon1666544
Emma Kernohan406543
Gerard Doherty1236542
Thomas McMullan666541
Pamela O’Hagan1276540
Pamela O’Hagan1396540
Pamela O’Hagan1596540
Paddy Martin1206539
Tara Kane2256538
Brenna Hamill1906537
Eamonn Laverty2116523
Nuala Gibson1586503
Margaret Doherty846455
Brádaigh McCloskey546454
Brádaigh McCloskey1516454
Jason Wylie606451
Meghann Convery1096450
Meghann Convery1476450
Meghann Convery2086450
Meghann Convery46450
Meghann Convery866450
Gemma McErlane1786449
Gemma McErlane2176449


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