Nilfisk E150.2-10 H X-TRA Pressure Washer & Vehicle Detailing Bundle


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The Kew Nilfisk Alto EXCELLENT E150.2-10 H X-TRA Pressure Washer is a mobile and versatile pressure washer for all kinds of outdoor cleaning tasks. With an induction motor, aluminium pump and telescopic aluminium handle. Also included with the pressure washer is a huge detailing bundle containing all the products and accessories you’ll need to give your vehicle that showroom shine.

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Nilfisk Alto E150.2-10 H X-TRA Pressure Washer 150 bar 240V

The Kew Nilfisk Alto EXCELLENT E150.2-10 H X-TRA Pressure Washer is a mobile and versatile pressure washer for all kinds of outdoor cleaning tasks. With an induction motor, aluminium pump and telescopic aluminium handle.

The Click&Clean nozzle system, which is a unique feature for Nilfisk pressure washers, makes it quick and easy to change the nozzles. The standard Nilfisk bayonet coupling ensures compatibility with the wide Nilfisk consumer accessory range. Complete with a through feed, flexible, anti-kink hose and hose reel system with hose stop.

Standard Accessories:

1 x 10m Armoured High-Pressure Hose on a Hose Reel
1 x G4 Spray Handle
1 x G4 Click&Clean Extension Lance
1 x Click&Clean Powerspeed Nozzle
1 x Click&Clean Tornado Nozzle
1 x Click&Clean Foam Sprayer & Bottle
1 x 5m Mains Supply Cable
1 x Nozzle Jet Cleaning Tool


Max. Pressure: 150 bar
Flow Rate: 500 L/hr.
Motor: 2,100W
Max. Water Feed Temperature: 40C
Hose Length: 10m
Weight: 18.6kg

Also included with the pressure washer is a huge detailing bundle containing all the products and accessories you’ll need to give your vehicle that showroom shine.  Included in the wash kit are the following items.

Blok 51 Nilfisk Compatible Snow Foam Lance
KKD Blizzard PH Neutral Pre Wash Snow Foam
Carpro Iron X 500ml Fallout Iron Remover
Bilt Hamber Auto-Wheel Wheel Cleaner 1L
50 Cal Detailing Stealth Detailing Spray
Soft 99 King Of Gloss Wax
EZ Detailing Big EZ Wheel Cleaning Brush
Meguiars Wash & Wax Gloss Enhancing Car Shampoo
50 Cal Detailing Magnum Plush Microfibre Drying Towel
Kent 6 Microfibre Cloths Bundle
5 x Auto Finesse Hanging Card Air Fresheners
Blok 51 Detailing Brushes Triple Pack
Infinity Wax Fresh Anti Bacterial Interior Cleaner
Meguiars Glass Cleaner
Blok 51 Blue Scaled Glass Cloth
Blok 51 Microfibre Wash Mitt
Kent Foam & Microfibre Applicator Pads
50 Cal Detailing Colt Buffing Cloth


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Entry List

First name Last name Ticket number Order
Gary Peacock 2 6234
Daniel Doherty 3 5909
Alan Smiley 4 6090
James Mc Gaughey 5 6156
Aliesha McLean Free
Entry winner
6 6222
Wallace Smyth 8 6219
Paddy Martin 12 6122
Declan Doherty 13 6232
Danielle OHagan 15 5981
Declan Doherty 16 6232
Shea Turner 20 6221
Breda Mccart 25 6094
Christine Mcmullan 27 6127
Kirsty Doherty 31 6231
James Quigg 32 6217
Mark Conlon 34 6220
Thomas McMullan 36 5738
Ryan Mcgeehan 43 6102
Danielle Mooney 44 6218
Eoin Mcgill 45 6236
Declan Doherty 48 6232
conor bell 49 6238
Louise Mc guckian 53 6229
Alan Smiley 55 6090
Carol Mckernan 56 6093
Chris Wallace 58 6114
Brendan Mc Closkey 60 6235
Ben Monahan 63 6216
Shea Turner 65 6221
Shea Turner 66 6221
Sean Patrick McGarry Free
Entry winner
67 6224
Declan Doherty 68 6232
James Quigg 69 6217
Brendan Mc Closkey 70 6235
Seaneoin cochrane Cochrane 71 6147
Danielle OHagan 72 5981
Michael Walls 73 6237
Oisin Boyle 74 6097
Paula McAuley 75 6212
Carol Mckernan 77 6093
Wallace Smyth 78 6219
Kirsty Doherty 81 6231
Anthony Graham 83 6214
Shea Turner 87 6221
Sheree Connolly 88 6083
Mark Conlon 94 6220
Harry Kearney 95 5830
Shea Turner 96 6221
Sean-Paul Bradley 98 6228
Nuala Quinn 99 6233
Andrew Bell 100 6095
Declan Doherty 101 6232
Andrew Bell 102 6095
John O kane 104 6227
James Mc Gaughey 105 6156
Sheree Connolly 106 5934
Mark Wright 110 6092
Conor McLornan Free Entry winner 111 6225
Andrew Bell 115 6095
Michael Walls 117 6237
Mark Wright 118 6092
Ruairi Gallagher 119 6141
Johnny Mcaleese 123 6115
Claire Turner 124 6053
Sean Oneill 125 6166
Shea Turner 128 6221
Christine Mcmullan 129 6127
Brendan Mc Closkey 130 6235
Peter Morgan Free
Entry winner
132 6226
Declan Doherty 134 6232
Brendan Mc Closkey 137 6235
conor bell 144 6238
Claire Mctaggart 151 5953
Declan Doherty 152 6232
Victoria Watson 154 6120
Sheree Connolly 157 6083
Louise Mc guckian 160 6229
Ronan McKinney 163 6230
Louise Mc guckian 165 6229
James Mc Gaughey 170 6156
Gary Peacock 174 6234
Ruth McMullan Free Entry winner 176 6223
conor bell 177 6238
Michael Walls 179 6237
Danielle OHagan 184 5981
Harry Tohill 185 6160
Daniel Doherty 186 5909
Claire Newell 188 6067
Declan Doherty 189 6232
Chris Wallace 191 6114
Declan Doherty 195 6232
Sheree Connolly 199 5934
Harry Tohill 200 6160

Lottery History

Lottery has finished

User Ticket number Order Number
conor bell1776238
conor bell1446238
conor bell496238
Michael Walls1796237
Michael Walls1176237
Michael Walls736237
Eoin Mcgill456236
Brendan Mc Closkey1376235
Brendan Mc Closkey1306235
Brendan Mc Closkey706235
Brendan Mc Closkey606235
Gary Peacock26234
Gary Peacock1746234
Nuala Quinn996233
Declan Doherty1956232
Declan Doherty1896232
Declan Doherty1526232
Declan Doherty1346232
Declan Doherty1016232
Declan Doherty686232
Declan Doherty486232
Declan Doherty166232
Declan Doherty136232
Kirsty Doherty316231
Kirsty Doherty816231
Louise Mc guckian1656229
Louise Mc guckian1606229
Louise Mc guckian536229
Ronan McKinney1636230
Sean-Paul Bradley986228
John O kane1046227
Peter Morgan Free Entry winner1326226
Conor McLornan Free Entry winner1116225
Sean Patrick McGarry Free Entry winner676224
Ruth McMullan Free Entry winner1766223
Aliesha McLean Free Entry winner66222
Shea Turner1286221
Shea Turner966221
Shea Turner876221
Shea Turner666221
Shea Turner656221
Shea Turner206221
Mark Conlon946220
Mark Conlon346220
Wallace Smyth786219
Wallace Smyth86219
Danielle Mooney446218
Danielle Mooney446218
James Quigg696217
James Quigg326217
Ben Monahan636216
Anthony Graham836214
Paula McAuley756212
Sean Oneill1256166
Harry Tohill2006160
Harry Tohill1856160
James Mc Gaughey1706156
James Mc Gaughey1056156
James Mc Gaughey56156
Seaneoin cochrane Cochrane716147
Ruairi Gallagher1196141
Christine Mcmullan1296127
Christine Mcmullan276127
Paddy Martin126122
Victoria Watson1546120
Johnny Mcaleese1236115
Chris Wallace1916114
Chris Wallace586114
Ryan Mcgeehan436102
Oisin Boyle746097
Andrew Bell1026095
Andrew Bell1156095
Andrew Bell1006095
Breda Mccart256094
Carol Mckernan776093
Carol Mckernan566093
Mark Wright1186092
Mark Wright1106092
Alan Smiley556090
Alan Smiley46090
Sheree Connolly1576083
Sheree Connolly886083
Claire Newell1886067
Claire Turner1246053
Danielle OHagan1845981
Danielle OHagan725981
Danielle OHagan155981
Claire Mctaggart1515953
Sheree Connolly1995934
Sheree Connolly1065934
Daniel Doherty1865909
Daniel Doherty35909
Harry Kearney955830
Thomas McMullan365738


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