Rattan Lounge Set With Egg Chair


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Set up the perfect summer seating area with this fantastic Rattan Lounge Set and Stylish Egg Chair. With the rattan lounge set you’ll have lots of spaces with 8 seats and a matching coffee table.

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Set up the perfect summer seating area with this fantastic Rattan Lounge Set and Stylish Egg Chair.

With the rattan lounge set you’ll have lots of spaces with 8 seats and a matching coffee table.

The Rattan Wicker Weave Swing Chair Beach Garden Hanging Hammock Chair is a stylish and gorgeous rattan Wicker Weave Swing Chair With a thick relaxing cushion that fits the chair properly and a sturdy steel framework, Perfect for Outdoor and Indoor.

Chair Size: 109 x 69 x 91cm (43″ x 27″ x 36″) (L x W x H)
Overall Size: 94.5 x 94.5 x 194.5cm (37.2″ x 37.2″ x 77″) (L x W x H)
G.W.: 26.73 kg /59 LB
Max Load: 150kg /330lb
Cushion Weight: 2.32kg /5.1lb
Chair Color: Dark Grey/Black
Cushion Color: Grey

Sturdy And Durable: this rattan swing chair is made of strong and high quality PE, Polyester and Iron material, sturdy and durable to use
Egg Shape: egg shape design makes the rattan swing chair more adorable and can bring a lot of vitality Modern Design: stylish and fashionable design perfectly decorates your garden and also adds a touch of elegant charm to your life
Large Space: features large space, one adult can comfortably sit in it
Easy To Clean And Maintain: when it gets dirty, you can clean it by means of the hose or wash cloth
Safe And Secure: strong hook and chains can hold up the swing seat, allowing you to sit safely
Comfortable To Sit: comes with a soft cushion ensuring high comfort, which helps you relax yourself freely
Stable: the high quality base makes the chair very stable, not easy to wobble High Load Bearing
Capacity: built in solid structure with max capacity up to 150 Kg

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