Tayto Park & Dublin Zoo Holiday Package with £250 Spending Money


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Take the kids for a weekend they won’t forget.
A trip out to Tayto Park and also access to Dublin Zoo.  Included in the bundle is a 2 night bed and breakfast stay at the 4* CityNorth Hotel and £250 cash to spend.

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Take the kids for a weekend they won’t forget.
A trip out to Tayto Park and also access to Dublin Zoo.  Included in the bundle is a 2 night bed and breakfast stay at the 4* CityNorth Hotel and £250 cash to spend.

Package Details
Available on either the 11th, 18th or 25th July
2 Adults 2 Kids (up to 12 years old)
4* CityNorth Hotel in County Meath
Family room
2 nights bed and breakfast
Tayto Park all access tickets
Dublin Zoo tickets

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Leah McCaw837710
Leah McCaw1547710
Leah McCaw2567710
Leah McCaw4297710
Shaun Mclaughlin2817704
Shaun Mclaughlin3347704
Eimear McGilligan3007703
Eimear McGilligan3157703
Eimear McGilligan4067703
stephen Higgins2847702
stephen Higgins2997702
stephen Higgins4357702
stephen Higgins4997702
Grainne Gordon4177701
Brendan Mc Closkey317700
Brendan Mc Closkey1887700
Brendan Mc Closkey1967700
Brendan Mc Closkey2927700
Brendan Mc Closkey3407700
Brendan Mc Closkey3577700
Brendan Mc Closkey4677700
Noeleen Oneill4087699
Noeleen Oneill4327699
Noeleen Oneill4557699
Danielle' Kelly2507698
Danielle' Kelly4947698
Shea Turner2767697
Shea Turner3117697
Shea Turner3237697
Shea Turner3957697
Shea Turner4277697
Shea Turner4647697
Tammy Walker2977696
Leona McKay1837695
Olwen Magee2177693
Trina Wardlow4537691
Mark Reid5007689
Mark Reid17689
Mark Reid1137689
Sarah Jayne4137690
Noel Bradley2127688
Majella Winters2187687
Nicole Laverty3497686
Mary McAuley1337685
paula Fry2517684
Declan Doherty107683
Declan Doherty487683
Declan Doherty987683
Declan Doherty1427683
Declan Doherty1447683
Declan Doherty1807683
Declan Doherty2757683
Declan Doherty3447683
Declan Doherty3847683
Declan Doherty4037683
Declan Doherty4157683
paddy McTague1217682
Clare McAleese1877681
Caroline Quinn177680
Caroline Quinn247680
Caroline Quinn3527680
Jason Wylie3387679
Jason Wylie4127679
Edel Gartland3327678
Edel Gartland3487678
Edel Gartland3757678
Edel Gartland3777678
Noel Bradley547677
Noel Bradley2577677
Noel Bradley2917677
Noel Bradley3087677
Noel Bradley3417677
Aidan Dallat1647676
Katrina Wardlow4097675
Katrina Wardlow4777675
Shane Parker557674
Shane Parker667674
Shane Parker2947674
Paddy Martin147673
Paddy Martin1937673
Paddy Martin4697673
Cathy Scullion3017672
Cathy Scullion3357672
Cathy Scullion4287672
Sean Oneill2487671
Martina Kelly2007670
Martina Kelly2937670
Martina Kelly3247670
John Shaw727669
John Shaw2787669
John Shaw2807669
Lisa KILPATRICK1437668
Lisa KILPATRICK2407668
Lisa KILPATRICK2607668
Fiona Loughlin3707666
Patrick Hampson3557665
Vicky Young167664
Vicky Young437664
Vicky Young1607664
Brenda McGlone2747663
Mary T Walsh3657662
Brenda O neill367661
Brenda O neill3037661
Jenna Gordon3687660
Shannon Darragh3887659
Andrew Arbuthnot1977658
Andrew Arbuthnot2157658
Andrew Arbuthnot4247658
Andrew Arbuthnot4467658
Andrew Arbuthnot1677658
Marie Faulkner3057656
Marie Faulkner4737656
Edward Ryce647655
Edward Ryce2707655
Edward Ryce4687655
Conor Mc nally2437654
Conor Mc nally4387654
Conor Mc nally4897654
Aine Mckenna1497653
Aine Mckenna2027653
Aine Mckenna2657653
Eileen Hughes377652
Eileen Hughes787652
Eileen Hughes1297652
Samantha Corr657651
Samantha Corr2247651
Samantha Corr4397651
Samantha Corr4987651
Leona Mckay57650
Leona Mckay2397650
Leona Mckay2717650
Leona Mckay3107650
Martin Conlon867649
Martin Conlon2777649
Martin Conlon3427649
Martin Conlon3837649
Maria Dempsey417648
Maria Dempsey737648
Maria Dempsey2057648
Maria Dempsey3967648
Marty O neill257647
Marty O neill1067647
Marty O neill1927647
Daniel Doherty1317646
Daniel Doherty1857646
Daniel Doherty2957646
Daniel Doherty3197646
Shirelle McAlister287645
Shirelle McAlister3907645
Shirelle McAlister4857645
Carole Shivers877644
Carole Shivers3537644
Carole Shivers4377644
Kathryn Walls87643
Kathryn Walls917643
Kathryn Walls2217643
Paul Mcmullan3897642
Paul Mcmullan4977642
Paul Mcmullan447642
Paul Mcmullan747642
Megan Mcconnell2067641
Megan Mcconnell4207641
Gary Lynch477640
Gary Lynch1797640
Gary Lynch2087640
Gary Lynch3287640
Bronagh Graham3787639
Bronagh Graham127639
Bronagh Graham1687639
Steven Cole697638
Steven Cole4057638
Stephanie Watton1007637
Stephanie Watton1667637
Stephanie Watton2307637
Stephanie Watton3317637
Stephanie Watton4757637
Mickey Quinn597636
Mickey Quinn947636
Mickey Quinn1087636
Mickey Quinn1487636
Mickey Quinn2107636
Mickey Quinn2647636
Paula Mcerlean1617635
Paula Mcerlean3187635
Yvonne McKenna627634
Yvonne McKenna2337634
Yvonne McKenna2687634
Yvonne McKenna3257634
Anna Marie Mccann207633
Rebecca Ellis4117632
Rebecca Ellis4607632
Helena McDonnell1047631
Roisin Higgins527630
Roisin Higgins1827630
Roisin Higgins3307630
Roisin Higgins3747630
Damian Dunlop4787629
Ciara Okane3437628
Victoria Watson1127627
Kevin Mckenna1117626
Kevin Mckenna4657626
Kevin Mckenna4707626
Kevin Mckenna4837626
Kevin Mckenna4867626
Eilish Madden1187625
Eilish Madden1327625
Eilish Madden1417625
Eilish Madden2357625
Eilish Madden2457625
Eilish Madden4197625
Eilish Madden4477625
Ann-marie Black297623
Ann-marie Black2967623
Ann-marie Black3297623
Abbie Rock3547622
Abbie Rock3587622
Abbie Rock4847622
Bronagh Mulholland2257621
Bronagh Mulholland2367621
Bronagh Mulholland187621
Michael Walls277620
Michael Walls3177620
Michael Walls3227620
Elaine McAleese1147619
Elaine McAleese1637619
Elaine McAleese2317619
Una Toney1777618
Una Toney3857618
Una Toney3877618
Leanne Richmond4747617
Leanne Richmond4767617
Sarah Molloy4627616
Anthony Graham457615
Anthony Graham1757615
Anthony Graham4817615
Jason Wylie1097614
Jason Wylie1397614
Orla Mcauley1507613
Orla Mcauley1517613
Orla Mcauley4507613
Orla Mcauley4927613
Cathal McDaid237612
Cathal McDaid1177612
Cathal McDaid3947612
Aine Murphy27611
Aine Murphy1957611
Aine Murphy2047611
Aine Murphy2227611
Aine Murphy2277611
Aine Murphy3377611
Shaunamarie Mc Mullan3147608
Claire Reid117607
Claire Reid517607
Claire Reid1247607
Orla Crawford967606
Clinton Hennessy1707605
Clinton Hennessy3987605
Clinton Hennessy4307605
Clinton Hennessy4567605
paddy Mc tague4077604
Nuala Gibson1477603
Nuala Gibson2897603
Nuala Gibson3517603
Nuala Gibson3727603
Samantha Mahon1587602
Samantha Mahon2097602
Mark Meadowlands137601
Mark Meadowlands327601
Mark Meadowlands717601
Mark Meadowlands957601
Mark Meadowlands1847601
Mark Meadowlands2077601
Mark Meadowlands2417601
Mark Meadowlands2427601
Mark Meadowlands4427601
Mark Meadowlands4807601
Joanne McCready3817598
Stephanie Hamilton3607597
Zexia Shillingford3647596
Ian Armstrong1157585
Ian Armstrong1277585
Ian Armstrong3467585
Ian Armstrong3867585
Ian Armstrong587585
Brona Henry637584
Brona Henry2617584
Brona Henry3097584
Brona Henry3627584
Siobhan Cassidy3767577
Nicole Drain1287576
Nicole Drain1747576
Nicole Drain4637576
sarah-jayne Park1237575
sarah-jayne Park3977575
Lena-Marie Adams1407574
Lena-Marie Adams2627574
Kellymarie Mcgoldrick1787573
Kellymarie Mcgoldrick2117573
Kellymarie Mcgoldrick3617573
Cara Mrtin617572
Cara Mrtin3367572
Cara Mrtin3507572
Miss C Coney2197571
Miss C Coney3077571
Dympna Linton817570
Orlagh Convery407569
Donna Kerr1017568
Donna Kerr1577568
Donna Kerr1727568
Donna Kerr2797568
Roisin Niblock397567
Roisin Niblock2297567
Roisin Niblock4047567
Julie McGurn4577566
Sean Cochrane97565
Sean Cochrane1257565
Sean Cochrane1697565
Sean Cochrane2497565
Sean Cochrane3667565
Sean Cochrane4597565
Sean Cochrane677564
Sean Cochrane1027564
Sean Cochrane2677564
Sean Cochrane2727564
Sean Cochrane3597564
Sean Cochrane4257564
Maire O Neill267563
Maire O Neill4447563
Jimmy Mooney1037562
Jimmy Mooney2637562
Siobhan McGrogan2857561
Siobhan McGrogan1457561
Siobhan McGrogan1947561
Paddy Gillan1467560
Paddy Gillan4107560
Lisa McCusker67558
Lisa McCusker1387558
arlene mc garvey McGarvey1537557
arlene mc garvey McGarvey2907557
arlene mc garvey McGarvey857557
arlene mc garvey McGarvey897557
Amelia Mcauley2597556
Amelia Mcauley4147556
Amelia Mcauley4167556
Cathal Shaw2147555
Cathal Shaw3797555
Nicole Shaw4887554
Briege Crawford767553
Briege Crawford1987553
Briege Crawford3127553
Briege Crawford3917553
Johnny Mcaleese2037551
Johnny Mcaleese4457551
Johnny Mcaleese4527551
Marion Gallagher3337550
Marion Gallagher3997550
Marion Gallagher4937550
N Mulholland307548
N Mulholland1557548
N Mulholland2867548
N Mulholland3027548
N Mulholland3167548
N Mulholland4227548
N Mulholland4547548
Cathy Scullion1307549
Cathy Scullion3807549
Cathy Scullion4907549
Kathy McTeague1357547
Shauna Butler227546


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